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The Village of Durand is currently working with Community Funding and Planning Services out of Stockton, IL to acquire grants for reconstruction of the downtown square sidewalks to bring the square into compliance with the American Disability Act.  The project would also add street lights, planters, railings, trash bins, and benches.  In total the project is currently estimated at $914,380 with $678,930 of that coming from two separate grants.  A conceptual drawing that was done in 2013 can be seen below, although nothing is finalized or set in stone it is meant as a visual interpretation of what the square could look like after completion of the project.


Concept drawing of the Durand Square redesigned with new sidewalks, planters, lights, and railings


ITEP Grant: Utilizing the Illinois Department of Transportation’s ITEP grant the Village is applying for $742,430 from which it will be responsible for $148,500.

Rural Business Enterprise Grant: The US Department of Agriculture has a Rural Business Enterprise Grant from which the Village is applying for $171,950 and would be responsible for $85,950.

Update: As of (7/28/2014) the Village of Durand wasn’t awarded the ITEP grant, working with Community Funding and Planning Services they will be reapplying next year.

As of 7/31/2014 the Village had received the USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant and is working to see how to best utilize the grant.

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